Undergrad Labs

There are changes made in the undergraduate labs:

1.    Bessie Head Teaching Laboratory

Bessie Head Laboratory has now been divided into 3 bookable teaching spaces, usable as one combined space, or individually. 


An online booking system will be used to book these teaching venues. The aim is to fully utilize the venue so that all the teaching happens in this space without using our discretionary laboratories to compensate teaching when there is an overflow.  Timetables will be viewable online at www.ctu.uct.ac.za


2.    New Beattie Lab

The new Beattie Lab was upgraded with brand new computers in January 2011. The installation process was successfully completed on the 24th January.  The lab was fitted with Optiplex 980 Dell machines with 21.5” monitors.  We were able to negotiate an outstanding price with Dell computers, and the machines in that laboratory are, in our experience, far better than the standard computers supplied by ICTS at UCT. 

Major Changes

The new Stop ‘n Go 15 min section

A new strategy has been put in place in 2011 in order to deal with the queues experienced in the laboratories in 2010. This will be closely observed from the beginning of term in 2011 until June to ensure that it is the right solution. 34 Dell computers have been deployed in the quantitative space and the old computers from the Beattie lab will be used as quick email/ internet access points, giving rapid and brief access to students who drop in just to check email, internet or print documents from their flash drives.

This Stop ’n Go zone will be immediately visible when entering the laboratory, and tutors will manage it closely so that in times of high usage students are strictly allowed only 15 minutes on the machines. The machines count down from the minute a student logs in and automatically log them off after 15 minutes.

A big, clearly worded and placed sign will distinguish this space from the rest of the laboratory.  This is a new concept within the Humanities laboratories, and as far as we know, no other faculty on campus is doing it. (More on point 10).