Hiddingh Labs


The Bertram Place  building was was built in the late 1900's, first opened it's doors to Post Graduate students  in 2005, it was completely renovated for and the opening of "Institute for Film and New Media". Bertram Place computer labs was generally used by post graduate students and New Media students, addition to being used for word processing, Adobe products, final cut pro. Students learn the fundamentals of research design, new media, script writing, and advance video editing.

To meet the School's increasing demands, the computer center has been upgraded and expanded to an instructional lab, two lab facilities. These are equipped mostly with Apple iMac computers for Post Grad resource area, and Dell computer for undergrad general use area. colour printing facility is located within the passage area. Both labs are equipped with air conditioners and security access.  The labs support programs such as Microsoft Office, Adobe CS 4, finalcut pro, and Internet services. Bertram Place computer labs are open from 07:00 till 20:00 until further notice.