PostGraduate Commons

The newly revamped Postgrad Commons is finally opened!

It is situated in the Humanities Graduate School Building and it is accessible to all the Humanities Postgraduate students, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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Available Resources in the Postgrad Commons:

The Postgraduate commons has various spaces to cater for diverse needs of Humanities Postgraduate students.

- Workstations

The lab hosts 74 Dell Optiplex workstations in total.

- Quantitative and Qualitative Workstations

There are 12 DELL Optiplex 980 I5 workstations with Quantitative software installed (SPSS), in addition to the regular software.  These are hosted in Carousel 7 & 8 and are labeled for students' convenience.

Then there's 5 Dell Optiplex 980 I3 with Qualitative Data Analysis software installed (NVivo 8), in addition to the regular software. This is to be found in Carousel 6 and are labeled for students' convenience.

- Tea Room

A fully-equipped kitchen is at the students' disposal

- Breakaway Rooms

There are 3 breakaway rooms available for seminars or discussions. 2 of the breakaway rooms (Rooms 1 and 2), on same floor as entrance. These accommodates 6 students and are bookable on the links below. The third breakaway room is downstairs and has a conference tables that accommodates 12 people. For discussions or seminars, students may request a laptop and projector from the reception for use in the breakaway rooms only. Alternatively, students may use their own laptops. Breakaway rooms can be booked online, you may place laptop/projector/other requests in the comment section:

- Stop & Go Areas

Stop & Go areas facilitate resource usage for short periods. Students can perform quick tasks on any of 8 workstations here without having to wait - up to a maximum allowed use of 15 minutes per session during peak hours.

- Laptop Area

The email bar provides space for students to use their own laptops or carry out non-computer work. Network points are available to those who need them (you can obtain a flylead from the reception desk). Please note that the entire area has wireless network (WiFi) coverage, you will only need to use a network point if your laptop does not have wireless.

- Lockers

Lockers are available for securing students' items. Padlocks are not provided so please bring your own. Items may not be kept in a locker for more than a single day.

- Lounge Areas

There is a sitting area near the entrance as well as 4 comfortable lounge corners in the Postgraduate Commons for students to relax or use their laptops leisurely.

- Printing Room

A printing room with 2 computers dedicated to printing is located downstairs. Students who only want to print are encouraged to utilise this room as they do not have to wait for a general-use workstation to become available if all workstations are in use.

Opening Hours

The Postgraduate Commons is open 24/7.