LTC Recording Studio


The LTC Recourse Room is situated on the Ground Floor of Arts Block in Upper Campus.

It is utilised by different languages student registered with the Languages Department at Humanities Faculty.


The Lab is equipped with one Proline computer, Digital Recording facility, viewing and recording facilities for DSTV, audio-tape players, Headphones to listen to play backs, Built in speakers and Digitizing stations for video and audio tapes.

The LTC Recording Room is for students to record themselves speaking the languages they learn and playback tapes, CD’s, DVD’s and DSTV.


Languages Department has employed permanent Language software specialist to help lecturers set up classes and tests on the system. This person also does the digitising (transferring recording from tapes to DVD’s and CD’s) for the department.

A lab tutor is employed to work with the languages software specialist as a back-up.

Operation Hours:

Term Time:

  • Mondat to Thursday:    08:00 AM to 16:00 PM


  • Open on Request

Public Holidays and Weekends:

  • Open on Request