Language Technology Centre

The School of Languages and Literatures is situated on Upper Campus and for more than two decades used a Tandberg tape system to teach sixteen languages. As things now stand, the language technology center is equipped with state-of-the-art software and hardware, which has positioned the department as one of the top language training centers in South Africa.

Computer Laboratories

The language lab is situated in the basement of the Arts building, Upper Campus.  It incorporates two computer Laboratories and two new additional support resources, namely a recording studio and multi-media resource room.

This facility has a very rich history. It offers a platform for Humanities students and academic staff to learn/teach many international languages as well many of the 11 official languages of South Africa.

The new SANAKO 1200 system makes use of interactive technology that allows students to improve their listening, speaking and written skills in any particular language. In the past students worked on the old analog tape format, which was tedious and slow.

However, with the recent revamp, this facility can accommodate 50 students and is completely digital. The Sanako software gives lecturers the freedom to create their own class layouts and allows them to communicate to the whole class, or to any individual student, at any given time via a network protocol. The lab has been divided in two sections, each housing 25 computers and has the flexibility to host multiple classes at the same time. One lab is a mirror of the other.

A further facility in the lab is a resource centre, which was built from sketch in September 2009. This multi-functional multi-media facility can accommodate a class of 14 people, including the lecturer.  This facility has been outfitted with an interactive 77” smart board that is connected to a networked lecturer’s pc. This allows the lecturer to create real-time course notes via the NoteBook software and save it to the respective course folder on the network. These course notes will then be accessed by the students from any of the Humanities Laboratories at a later stage.

This facility boasts a video and audio digitizing system where analog video and audio can be converted to multiple possible digital formats. It also sports the full range of DSTV channels that can be viewed on either the Smartboard or alternatively on any of the pcs in the resource centre.

The technology in this room also offers the ability to record from any of the video & audio platforms available (e.g. the different media players such as DVD, VHS) as well as real-time recording from any DSTV channel. However, this is not the primary role of the resource room.                                   

The last section of the language technology centre is the recording studio. This studio is equipped with a Digital Boss recorder/player integrated with six microphones .This allows lecturers to create their own new teaching material or convert existing course material for teaching purposes. This facility is also equipped with a digitizing system and receives the same DSTV channels available in the resource room.