College of Music

The SA College of music (SACM) is situated on Lower campus. In the last couple of years the College has built a Music Technology Training Centre with the aim of introducing music technology and taking music education into the 21st century. As of 2014 a Music Technology Major Degree course is available as a specialization.

Computer Laboratories

To meet this need, the College and CTU built two computer labs, one primarily used for teaching music technology, and the other as a discretionary lab. The C09 Music Technology Teaching Laboratory is equipped with 20 Apple iMacs, while the discretionary lab was equipped with 35 iMacs located in C10 in the SACM department buildings. 


The discretionary lab has industry-standard music notation, aural training and production software installed. 


The resulting facility provides all Music and Dance students with access to Apple Logic Pro 9, Finale 2010 and Avid Sibelius 7. The aural training software is due to be upgraded at the end of 2013 with Auralia being replaced by Earmaster. The Central Technology Unit owns these software licenses, and manages and maintains the software and computer hardware within these facilities.


The entire music technology centre has been outfitted with Apple computers and students have made a smooth transition into the new learning environment. Although the primary function of the two facilities is the running of the newly introduced and expanding Music Technology course, the availability of new resources results in the two facilities being used as a research and resource centre, that is beneficial to all music students and staff.