Music Technology Center

Picture of the old Music lab


The PC lab was revamped last year and fitted with 30 Apple iMac workstations and 5 G5s running industry standard music notation and production software.


The resulting facility provides all music and dance students with access to Apple Logic Pro 9, Auralia, Finale 2010 and Avid Sibelius 6. The entire music technology centre has now been outfitted with Apple computers and students have made a smooth transition into the new learning environment. Although the primary function of the facility is the running of the rapidly expanding Music Technology course, the availability new resources has been extremely beneficial to students and staff.


This is all part of an ongoing process, the aim of which is to broaden the scope of opportunities for students graduating from the College Of Music. Today music is a massively diverse industry internationally, with a multitude of specialized niches, making it of the utmost importance to both students and lecturers alike. The new facilities have birthed good results clearly indicated by positive feedback from the Head of the Music School, staff and students.



Pictures of the newly revamped labs